Day X of 365

day-x-of-365-bHappy New Year! 🙂 No matter what day/month/year it is… you can always make changes and implement new rituals, intentions, goals, etc. Sometimes it’s easier to use the months/years/new moons as starting points. 

Addtional things I find extra poignant to do at these times are: 
– Taking hot theraputic (epsom salt/ essential oil) baths with beeswax candles
– Body exfoliation (love these two: Giovanni Hot Chocolate scrub + Moroccan Black Soap/ Exfoliating Glove )
– Burning sage
– Burning palo santo sticks or cones
– Cleaning out and organizing (try Marie Kondo’s: The Art of Decluttering and Organizing/ review here)
Fast or cleanses
Tea Ceremonies
Technology detoxes– hence the lack of posts 😉

What do you like to do to mark the New Year and energy? Cheers to a very beautiful 2016!

P.S. mentioned this book before, but worth mentioning again cause it’s lovely: Alan Cohen’s: A Daily Dose of Sanity: A Five-Minute Soul Recharge for Everyday. Perfect for the New Year or any new day!

P.P.S.S. new posts below!