Gluten-Free Grain-Free Black Bean Spaghetti Pasta Noodle Review + Recipe

BLK BEAN PASTAAs someone who can’t indulge in “regular” pasta, but who has made/tried many delicious and also gross alternatives (below)… I still am always curious when I find new options. So when black bean pasta came up on my radar- after checking out the ingredients and reviews I didn’t hesitate to buy.

The good news is we can add them to the delicious list. :) A couple of reviews said they were chewy- I disagree. None of the alternatives are going to have the exact same taste as regular spaghetti/pasta/noodles, because they are not the same- but they can come pretty close and this one does. Kelp noodles are chewy- meaning you can chew and chew and they don’t break down. These black bean noodles are made up of only: organic black beans 92%, water 8%. And as you can see in the images they expand quite a bit. They are a brownish-green colour.BLK BEAN PASTA 4 BLK BEAN PASTA 2

– Sautee chopped garlic and tomatoes.
– Finely chop (used mini Cuisinart) a couple of garlic cloves, olives and fresh basil.
– Add black bean spaghetti to boiling water and time for 6 minutes. Drain.
– Add a dash of olive oil and sea salt with all of the above and toss.
– Enjoy!

Being black beans this spaghetti is high in protein, fiber and rich in iron. The only thing that gave me pause… they are made in China. 

Other alternative options…
Zucchini: So good. Seasonal. You can find the recipe here and pictures on instagram. Made and enjoyed many many times.
Quinoa/ Brown Rice: Also good- but they are not grain free so I cannot eat all the time- once in a blue moon. Trader Joes has a good version as does Andean Dream.
Spaghetti Squash: Delicious as well. Seasonal- but nature’s natural pasta. Recipe here.

Miracle Noodles: didn’t even get to try these- as soon as I opened the package I gagged. Smells like horrid chemicals.
Kelp Noodles: I know many people like these, and though they look like “pasta/noodles”- they are disgusting. My imagination likens it to eating rubber. Gross.

Do you have a favourite alternative “pasta” you like? Please share.


  • Amy Berteotti

    Trader Joe’s red lentil penne pasta! They hold together so nicely (No Mushy Mess) and the price is way lower than other noodles of it’s kind.