Love for Living Libations

IMG_5825I am a HUGE fan of Living Libations and cannot believe I have not written words of love for them before. Their products are the true au natural- using essential oils, organic ingredients, and of course lots of love. No need to worry about anything artificial. Plus, they smell divine and work. Btw- they use glass packaging (yes even the black that looks plastic is glass). 

Best Skin Ever/ Seabuckthorn: this is great to put all over your skin after showers/baths and when sunbathing before and after. I also love Best Skin Ever/ Rose. 

Rose Glow Creme: it’s a delicious pink color and definitely helps give you that rosey glow- subtly. 

All Seeing Eye Creme: this is light and perfect and nourishes your eye tissues.

Open Sky Eye Serum: nice to use in combination with the All Seeing Eye Creme. The name says it all.

I have to be careful with receeding gums and have been following Living Libations’ Dental Care regimen. This also includes a salt water rinse, flossing, and a water pic.

Yogi Tooth Serum: I use this to brush my gums and I also end up brushing my teeth with it as well. I like and that you are paying extra attention to your gums. You can also put a drop on your floss.

Neem Enamelizer: This stuff is used with an electric toothbrush. It cleans and supports your tooth’s enamel. Do not use flouride!

Ozonated Happy Gum Gel: I tend to forget this- but it’s good. When I do remember I rub it on clean teeth and gums before a good night’s sleep.

Not pictured, but still importante…

Poetic Pits: OMG this stuff is amazing. I can sweat in the heat and whilst exercising and thankfully I’ve been told I do not smell- but even on the hottest days you don’t want to feel like you do. The sandalwood along with the other essential oils in their formulations harmonize perfectly with your pheromones so your scent is still unique.

Their products are a little pricey and add up quickly, but it’s superb quality stuff and a little goes a long way. I’ve never regretted a purchase. Something to keep in mind- depending on which shipping option you choose it could take a while if you are not in Canada. 

I am now thinking of the other items of theirs I use regulary, but forgot to take pictures of- next time!

What are your favourite Living Libation items? x