PRAISE-2“I was about to go on anti-depressants as I had been very depressed for sometime and Dawn helped me avoid taking them thru natural supplementation and simple diet adjustments and it totally worked. I am drug free and back to my happy self.” -Megan

“I had never experienced Reiki before but now I am hooked! After only a couple of sessions with Dawn I am sleeping better, have more energy throughout the day and just feel better overall.” -Sara

“After years of issues with digestion and upset stomaches due to specific foods, Dawn helped guide me toward a gluten/grain free diet and walked me through a wide range of alternative food options.  Thanks to Dawn I have a much wider grasp on why I was having specific reactions to certain foods and now I have a greater understanding of how to live my life and enjoy food in a whole new way and still get to eat cookies! I mostly want to say you are my guru who has the answer to everything and its awesome!!” -Katie