My personal go tos… sweet links + Amazon (shop below) to support you on your journey. Personally purchased, tested + recommended.

My first stop for recipe ingredients, supplements, and household/personal care items that are organic and green is  I can not tell you how many things I buy from them (if you are a blog reader you might have an idea). They have fast shipping and great prices.  Use Code: GOG211 to save $10 off your first order.

I love my white salt lamps from Solay Wellness.  Five of them light up and cleanse my sanctuary with their radiant and soothing energy.  All salt lamps are great, but aesthetically I had a time finding nice white ones and these are exactly what I was looking for.  Solay is fair trade, has low shipping prices and I received amazing customer service.

My hydrosols and essential oils are from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I use them in my Aromis Oil Diffuser– which is the best kind of diffuser out there.  It’s beautiful, quiet and won’t de-nature the oils. You can read more about it [here].

One of my best investments… a Vitamix.  It’s a tool I use on a daily basis. Smoothies, nut mylks, blending soups- can’t image my life without it.

I’m always inspired by Brian and Alexandra Johnson, creators of en*theos– get your secret sauce to creating an extraordinary life while making a difference in the world.

Looking to build stronger more satisfying relationships? Check out Alison Armstrong’s amazing programs and tools to help you on your journey. She’s quite the expert. You will remember times “that happened to you”, you will laugh, you might cry and most importantly you will have the tools, language, and knowledge to understand why and how to make it work for you and your partner.  Wrote more about it here.

A day is a little sweeter with good chocolate.  You might make your own or try some of my favourites: Mast Brothers, HuKitchen, and Gnosis.