tjs quinoa pastaAnother option for Gluten Free Pasta curtesy of Trader Joes. Previous reviewed Andean Dream’s which is very similar. Both are organic and made with rice and quinoa flours. TJs version might be a little better as it’s made with brown rice. Andean’s just says “organic rice flour” and is more creamy vs TJs more brown color-wise. Though TJs cooks in less time- so who knows? For grain sensitive folks like myself please be aware both contain more more rice vs quinoa flours, so it tastes more like good old pasta- but you will probably be more sensitive. I can usually enjoy without problems once in a blue moon. This is not something I indulge in often, but that makes it even better I suppose as I savor every bite. Though I love springs/fusilli I do wish iherb and TJs would carry a spaghetti version. Andean Dream makes one but iherb doesn’t carry it unfortunately. Good thing it’s almost zucchini season as I think it makes the best pasta and no side effects. Cheers!

p.s. use code GOG211 to save off your order.